Shmush! is a revolutionary approach to canine nutrition. Our breakfast and bedtime health biscuits use two unique formulas to help dogs maintain optimal health around the clock. The antioxidants in breakfast biscuits help protect dogs during the day, while immunity-building ingredients in bedtime biscuits help them recharge at night.

Our health biscuits are so much more than a delicious tasting biscuit for your dog; they are a way to express your unconditional love through holistic care. They’re like a “Face-Shmush!” for your dog’s health!

A Morning Routine

Shmush! Breakfast Biscuits are bursting with natural antioxidants. Our Breakfast Biscuits are designed with your dog’s optimal health in mind. Each of our hand-selected ingredients contain natural healing benefits.

Ingredients like blueberries, blackberries, mangoes, apples, eggs, and oats help improve overall health. Powerful superfoods like astaxanthin and moringa leaf are loaded with vitamins and minerals and are rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants act as the superheroes for your dog’s cells. They help our dogs live healthier lives and contribute to the well-being of your best friend.

Four small dogs sitting next to each other.

A Bedtime Story

Shmush! Bedtime Biscuits were created to boost your best friend’s immunity while they snooze. Our Bedtime Biscuits are designed to increase and strengthen your dog’s immune system to protect against sickness and disease.

We specifically chose immunity-building, wholesome ingredients such as colostrum, quinoa, chia seeds, barley grass, blackberries, carrots and a whole lot more. Our Bedtime Biscuit is loaded with superfoods containing beneficial compounds that naturally boost your best friend’s immunity.

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